Jinyu Tire Group's 2 million All-steel tires project starts construction in Tay Ninh, Vietnam

On June 18, 2020, the groundbreaking ceremony of JINYU(VIET NAM)TIRE CO., LTD. was held in Phuoc Dong Industrial Park, Tay Ninh Province, Vietnam. Under the effects of COVID-19, the local Industrial Park leaders, Customer representatives, Supplier representatives and Construction representatives in Vietnam were invited to attend the ceremony on the behalf of all the Jinyu Tire Group‘s sincere partners all over the world.

Mr. Chen Yuren, Senior Consultant of Vietnam SVI Company, expressed his high expectations for Jinyu Tire’s project investment in Tay Ninh, Vietnam, and confidently pointed out the positive impact the program will bring to the local economic development, technical progress and employment opportunities once the project is completed. He is certain that the project strength, the cooperation between China and Vietnam, will instill a new vitality into the social and economic development of Tay Ninh. Jinyu always adheres to the core values of common interests above everything else, and the cooperation concept of sharing benefits and risks with partners. No matter any period, Jinyu will provide high cost-effective products, the thoughtful and satisfactory service.

Mr. Chen Yuren, Senior Consultant of Vietnam SVI Company

Li Hongyun, the representative of Jinyu Vietnam Project, said that after the completion of the first phase of the project, the annual production capacity will be 2 million tires. By that time, Jinyu Tire Group will take further steps to expand its global production capacity, promoting overseas market development, strengthening international competitiveness, which will lead to appropriately meeting the needs of global customers.

Mr. Li Hongyun, Representative of Jinyu Vietnam Project

The factory will be built based on the most advanced design concepts in the tire industry, utilizing the overall goal of digitalization, intelligence and lean manufacturing. It will also incorporate unmanned automation and intelligence in warehouse management, logistics and other processes including application of advanced technology such as the internet of things, big data, fully-automatic robots, a fully-automatic elevated stereoscopic warehouse, and more.

Through the digital design of the entire manufacturing processes, some of the typical manual work by employees will be managed online to reduce labor costs, improve work efficiency, and will utilize information practices to carry out factory operations and decision-making. With the world's advanced tire manufacturing equipment and technology, this factory will cooperate with highly skilled global technical teams and prestigious universities. These strategic cooperation’s will ensure the development of high-performance tire products to meet the needs and diversity of the global markets.

Over the past two decades, Jinyu and its partners have worked hard to build a community of interests in the industrial value chain, focusing on quality, value and customer experience, accelerating the pace of international development, and rapidly laying out global markets. Facing the development opportunities and challenges of the new era, Jinyu Tire Group adheres to the core value of " Common interests above all else ", focuses on the development and application of rubber tire technology and services, and is committed to providing customers with the best value and experience.