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Tire lifecycle
quality control
Whole process information
manufacturing management system
Lean production
intelligent control
Product quality
risk management
Process control

Information management system covering whole process of tire manufacture. 

The first manufacturer of domestic enterprises to apply information system management in the whole process.

Process specification management in electronic version

  · Process work standard management in electronic version 

  · Parameter setting up automatically  online 

Advanced process quality control 

  · Tooling device verification for material covering all the process 

  · FIFO control

  · Defective information delivery in real time 

  · Preservation of production database

  · LOT track 

  · Tire weight management 

  · Cost management 

Networked production management 

  · Production plan transmit by internet

  · Networked production information supervision and coordination  

  · Finished status supervision , feedback in real time 

Advanced equipment management model 

Overall efficiency calculation 

Time management 

Tooling &molds management 


Bar code scanning, material error prevention