In August, an article BLACKLION TIRES MAKES CNHTC SITRAK TO SAFE DRIVING 1.3 MILLION MILES was widely spread in the truck driver circle. The drivers are shocked, skeptical, envious, and even admired. But most of them want to know what kind of tires are assembled in the CNHTC SITRAK could make this miracle. Recently, the customer service manager of BLACKLION TIRES came to WUXI HONGYUN Logistics Co., Ltd specially to see this legendary truck.

The total weight of "model labor" Shande truck is 40000Kg, which is mainly engaged in dropping and pulling transport. The back and forth route is from wuxi to zhengzhou. The model of the truck is 6*4+3T dual-drive trailer. The length of one way is 850 kilometers, full high-speed and round-trip transport 24 hours to finish the task. Relay trailer transportation usually changes drivers but trailer don't stop running, back and forth 24 times a month, running an average of 400,000 kilometers per year.

Monthly attendance rate of Shandeka is very high, in respect of selection of tyres their requirement are extremely high". After communication with driver it came to our knowledge, their model vehicle according to the position of tyre was different, assembled 2 different pattern Blacklion tyres, like drive wheel 2nd shaft tyre, loading time is July 2018,already traveled 45000 Km estimated single consumption as 38000km/mm and expected follow up can go up to 150000 Km.

The following are the evaluations and actual use cases of Black Lion tires:

Pattern BT165 of Blacklion is a high-end tire product in the market. Truck of steer and trailer could be well equipped with it for medium and long haul transport. This product features good performance such as high durability, low heating and cost-effective.

◆The evaluation of the black lion tire by the model driver:

The black lion tires are safe to drive at high speed and worry-free, the pattern is wear-resistant and does not eat tires, and the front wheels are comfortable and stable.

◆Car owners WeChat share:

Upgrade model BA122 pattern actual use case

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