Building Up the Brand – Turkey

Yeslas, Jinyu’s Turkey distributor, is continually making strides in generating greater brand identity for Jinyu in their local market. In 2015 Yeslas updated over 30 stores within their sales network as Jinyu branded. This sales network now covers over 53 cities throughout Turkey and is just another example of the building trust in Jinyu products.


In the continuation of their Jinyu advertising, Yeslas held a dealer conference on March 6th to get 2016 in gear. The event was held in the beautiful city of Izmir which catered to over 340 attendees.

The layout and small details of the event were purposefully set to show that Jinyu is a true world-class brand name.

All attending distributors and dealers were provided with greater information of Jinyu brands and products to help them understand why Jinyu is a quality brand.

“Many of our attending distributors were very interactive in trying to learn more about Jinyu. Several of our distributors already working with Jinyu backed up Jinyu’s quality and value to consumers. We had some great discussions and tough questions, but everyone left with a greater understand and trust in the brand.”- Mr. Yasar Cetinkaya,Yeslas R&D Representative .