Jinyu Tire was selected for the National level list.  Jinyu Tire-"Leader" in energy efficiency

Recently, the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of energy efficiency "leaders" in key energy-using industries in 2022, Jinyu Tire became the first tire manufacturing enterprise in Shandong Province to receive this award.

Representing the industry's leading level, Jinyu Tire was recognized

It is understood that the evaluation of energy efficiency "runner" enterprises in key energy-using industries is jointly organized and implemented by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission and the General Administration of Market Supervision.

Through the enterprise independent declaration, local level recommendation and the ministry expert evaluation, selected the most efficient and representative enterprises in the industry in terms of energy use.

This is the first time that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has included the tire industry in the list of energy efficiency "leaders" in key energy-using industries, which is also a sign of the government's attention to the energy use of the tire industry.

As the first tire company in Shandong Province to receive this award, Jinyu Tire always adheres to the value competition strategy, strengthens the control of benchmarking, strengthens daily production management, improves the level of green manufacturing in the factory, and actively carries out energy saving and consumption reduction, so that the company's energy consumption per unit of product is at the leading level in the industry, and is rated as the "leader" in energy efficiency in key energy-using industries by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

Adhere to the concept of "sustainable development". Jinyu tire helps to reach carbon peak target

With the intensification of global climate problems, energy saving and consumption reduction has become the focus of attention of countries around the world. As a practitioner and promoter of the "double carbon" strategy, Jinyu Tire has always advocated and adhered to the concept of "sustainable development", and is committed to the green production of the whole life cycle of tire manufacturing, helping China to achieve the goal of carbon peak.

During the manufacturing process, through the implementation of the whole life cycle value management upgrade project, Jinyu Tire applies networked and intelligent information system to realize all-round joint control management of tire R&D and trial production, mass production monitoring, manufacturing, storage and logistics, technical quality, relying on equipment upgrades, intelligent and automated system construction, significantly improve research and development, production efficiency and product quality.

In 2021, Jinyu Tire Factory was awarded the title of "Green Factory" as one of the first enterprises in Shandong Province, setting an industry benchmark and receiving widely praised by the community.

In terms of technological innovation, Jinyu Tire has formed innovative alliances with upstream and downstream enterprises, research institutes and colleges, completed a number of green tire key materials and digital intelligent manufacturing process technology research, to achieve the integrated application of new technologies, new materials and new models, the new energy bus series were included in the green manufacturing system green design products list by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

At the same time, Jinyu Tire and Bekaert have joined forces to achieve a major breakthrough in the first new steel wire rubber bonding technology in China, which greatly enhances the life of the tire, allowing for multiple tire retreads, significantly extending the full life cycle of the tire, reducing carbon emissions per unit mile, and helping global users to travel and operate sustainably.

Finally, in face of the trend of new energy in heavy truck industry, Jinyu Tire and Kaiwoo Group took the lead in the development and launch of new energy special tires, the product has been greatly improved compared with traditional fuel truck tires in load resistance, wear resistance and low energy performance, gain first-mover advantage in the fast-growing electric heavy truck segment.

Green low-carbon manufacturing is the inherent requirement of building a strong manufacturing country, and is also the direction of manufacturing transformation and development. In the next step, Jinyu Tire will devote itself to green tire research, development and manufacturing, improve the construction of green manufacturing system, improve the energy management system, solidly promote the "double carbon" work, continue to efficiently implement the double control of energy, improve the recycling rate of resources and energy saving efficiency, create better value with less energy consumption, and comprehensively promote the company to achieve high-quality development.